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Web site design is the visual element of Web site development. Designing an attractive site that is easy for site visitors to find the information they are looking for and lead them to your desired call to action is critical to the success of the site. Of course, you have to get them to the site first (to see how that happens see Search Engine Optimization).

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Remember Mom telling you to make a good first impression? You have just six seconds, to convince a site visitor they are in the right place. Your site needs to clearly convey to the visitor that A. I have the information you are looking for, B. I'll make it easy to get to, and C. I'll provide an easy way for you to take the next step. That next step may be requesting more information or making a purchase. So what happens when your site doesn't quickly convince the visitor they are in the right place? They hit their back button and find another site that does!

Web site design also means usability. Ever been on a site that was nearly impossible to navigate? Odd little shapes for buttons that you had no idea what you would find if you clicked on them? You won’t find "creative navigation" on the sites we design. Text-based navigation is simpler for your customers to follow and it improves your rankings on search engines too. To see our award winning Web site designs, visit our portfolio page. To see how great Web site design provides a positive return on investment, view our Web site design case studies page.

Five Ways Your Website Designer Will Help Your Company Grow

#1 - Attract new customers

A properly search engine optimized Web site will rank at the top of search results and be visible to prospects searching for your product or service. These prospects likely would not have found you any other way.

#2 - Educate your prospects

You can provide in-depth product details and extensive service information, FAQ's, and  videos demonstrating benefits. Testimonials and product reviews help them gain confidence in doing business with you.

#3 - Provide customer service 24 hours a day

When customers have questions about your products or services use a knowledge base or FAQ's section on your site allowing customers to get the answers they need now. This is a concrete benefit of doing business with you. Take this a step further with live chat that not only provides instant answers for your customers but allows you to maximize your customer service efficiency by handling multiple requests at once, without additional phone lines.

#4 - Make the sale

Customers can read product reviews, check stock levels, calculate shipping costs, order and track the shipment all from your Web site. This allows your staff to spend time on other revenue generating efforts. 24 hours a day, all year long, your Web site will be your most consistent sales person. It will never call in sick or ask for a vacation!

#5 - Stay in touch

Now that they are a customer or at least a prospect that has provided you their contact information you can market to them cost effectively and repeatedly. Using an E-newsletter system or "drip campaign" system (providing them little drips of information on an ongoing basis) you stay in touch with them and provide ongoing information including notifications of sales, new product offerings, invitations to join you on social media, and so much more.

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3rd Time's a Charm Thanks to BANG!

"I just wanted to take the time to thank all of you for the awesome website that you created for Grill Grip. Without the great website it would not have been possible for the many opportunities that have come across our grill. I started out wanting a strong website and after two failed attempts by other website developers you guys delivered. It was your website that brought Amazon to my grill step. They contacted me by coming across the Grill Grip website and even refused a sample Grill Grip as they were so impressed by the slide show presentation and overall website design that a “real” sample was not necessary." - Patrick Radosevich - Web Design