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Searching for a Phoenix Web Design Firm? The talented and creative staff of BANG! Web Site Design has the experience and expertise to build a new site from scratch or redesign your existing site. In both cases, delivering a site that not only looks good, but delivers tangible value with lead generation or on-line sales as your return on investment.

The selection of a Web design firm in Phoenix (or anywhere for that matter) should not be taken lightly.  This is the team (you are choosing a firm with a complete team aren't you? Not a one man band?) you will depend on for years to come. You will be counting on this Web firm to...

  • Establish your firm's Web presence
  • Be responsible for portraying the right image for your company
  • Potentially build a business platform for you to conduct e-commerce transactions
  • Update the site and keep it current as technology changes
  • Be available when you have questions and concerns
  • Make wise choices in hosting the site whether that's an in-house solution (in BANG!'s case) or picking a 3rd party hosting provider
  • Will your Web design firm handle your e-mail as well?
  • Perform SEO work to obtain and maintain top rankings on the search engines (Google, YahooBing!)
With these thoughts in mind, meet the team at the Phoenix Web Design Firm of BANG!

Brian Rideout, Chief Pixel Pusher

Brian Rideout, Chief Pixel Pusher of BANG! Web Site Design. His background in commercial photography and multimedia production has built the Web design firm into the design, development and hosting powerhouse they are today.

An avid hiker, Brian and his wife Ruby can be found most weekends exploring Arizona's mountains and canyons.

Tina Merrill, Accounting

Tina Merrill, Accounting, handles the accounts payable and accounts receivable for the team. With her degree in Office Administration, she quickly mastered the "books" and now excels at many other tasks including ColdFusion Web site development and programming.

Mother of four growing boys, Tina keeps up her motherly instincts by spoiling the family pet Max pictured here.

Micah Riggenbach, Web Site Designer

Dan Collins , Web Developer, has been designing and developing web sites since 2005.

Dan has a passion for building high quality web sites that give business owners a powerful web presence to help broaden their reach.

In his spare time he enjoys scuba diving, backpacking and nearly any other outdoor activity.  He is also passionate about health and fitness.

Peg Little, Customer Service Specialist

Peg Little , Customer service specialist, handles tech support and training for the Phoenix Web design firm.

Peg writes the training manuals our clients use to manage both the content management systems and e-commerce applications built by BANG!

Peg is also our Facebook expert, handling the firms posts on the ever popular site.

Now that you've met our team. Why not Contact Us or Request A Quote to have the Phoenix Web design firm of BANG! Web Site Design build your comapny Web site?


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Wana RV Achieves Success With BANG!

I'm a guy with a lot of ideas and I like to bounce those ideas off their team. They tweak my ideas, adjust the page or graphics, and it’s ready to go. In a good news/bad news scenario, the Web site proved almost too successful. I aggressively advertised a product on his site, garnered phenomenal national sales; however, the manufacturer thought that my low pricing was too aggressive and asked me to “tone down” my marketing because other dealers were complaining. I use that experience as an example of the power of the Internet as it relates to increased sales.

I'm always getting compliments about my Web site. Others comment about how easy it is to read and the prices are right on the same page. They don’t have to do a lot of ‘clicking around’ to find the information they want. My Web site generates more sales than any other marketing venue. I also use radio, the Yellow Pages, television and newspaper, but I’m cutting back on those. The Web is my best tool and gives me the most sales. - Gary Miller, Wana RV & Engine Center

Web site design for Wana RV