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Sonoran Wholesale LLC

Sonoran Wholesale has been serving Phoenix, Paradise Valley and Scottsdale, Arizona for over 36 years. Our wholesale products include high-end wholesale flooring, window blinds, shades and shutters and furniture in Scottsdale, AZ for Contractors, Builders, Interior Designers and Realtors.
Our expertise not only includes in depth knowledge of the wholesale products for the home that we sell, we also offer creative design solutions to bring all of the elements together to create an aesthetically pleasing environment for the end user.

When you truly want to make an impression Sonoran Wholesale has both the experience and talent to bring your project to life!

Please call us at (602) 478-3439 to make an appointment to see our showroom conveniently located in the Scottsdale Airpark just off of the 101 and browse our wide selection of Wholesale Furniture, Flooring, Window Blinds, Shades and Shutters.

Nelson-Specialties Company

Since 1994 Nelson Specialties Company has been providing electronic manufacturing services, specializing in prototype and production volumes of up to 5,000 PCB assemblies and surface mount technology.

Their PCB assembly services are the focus and with 20 years of industry experience, they are trusted manufacturers of high quality PCB assemblies. The also offer their customers a range of electromechanical assembly processes, including box build assembly and cable harness assembly.

Contact Nelson Specialties to learn more today!

Hoosier Spring Co., Inc.

Hoosier Spring is a leading Industrial, Aircraft and Aerospace spring manufacturer, producing custom springs for a wide variety of applications specializing in the manufacture, heat treatment and inspection of custom springs and wire forms for hundreds of the world’s top aerospace, military, nuclear (Navy and commercial), and industrial companies.

Founded in 1954, Hoosier Spring has built a reputation as a trusted custom spring manufacturer producing superior magazine and AR springs, extension and garter springs, compression, conical, barrel and cylindrical springs and wireform, clock and custom miscellaneous springs based on their commitment to quality and outstanding customer service.

Contact Hoosier Springs to learn more about their custom springs today!

Assembly Masters, Inc.

From the Midwest, across the Americas, and worldwide, our products are used in a diverse number of applications, and Assembly Masters has earned a reputation for consistency and superior workmanship. Our customers know that they can count on us to provide what they need quickly, with the highest quality and a fair price.

We manufacture Wire and Cable Assemblies, Formed Power Cables, Air Core Inductors / Air Coils, and many other related products.

Vickers Engineering

Established in 1970, Vickers Engineering has evolved into a world class Precision Machining and Fabrication Company. ISO/TS 16949 Registered firm, Vickers approach to ‘quality’ is something that should be assumed, not applauded. The Vickers Quality System is designed to support our ultimate goal: Customer Satisfaction.

With over 100 CNC Machining Centers, multiple laser cutting machines, robotic and non-robotic weld stations, and several automated machining cells housed in our two plants, totaling 170,000 sq ft, Vickers services the Automotive, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Defense, and Industrial markets.

Whether it is a short prototype run, or a Tier 1 Automotive mass production opportunity, Vickers has the quality system in place to exceed any standard customer requirement. We believe world class quality starts upon receipt of an RFQ and continues through to the customer, every time.

While experiencing compounding growth, Vickers has been able to maintain its core values: quality, reliability, outstanding people, and superior customer service. Contact Vickers Engineering for more information about their Precision Machining and Fabrication.


From the bottom of your siding to the peak of your roof, Cor-A-Vent, Inc, manufactures roof vents and roof ventilation systems to protect your home from damaging moisture from within and from without - From the Ground, Up!

Cor-A-Vent’s roof vent systems include ridge vents, hip vents, our their own Roof-2-Wall Vents, the IN-Vent, the purlin vent for metal roofs and the Revolution Rolled Ridge Vent. They also manufactur siding vents including the new Sturdi-Strip. Cor-A-Vent, a trusted name in roof vents since 1976.

Contact Cor-A-Vent today to learn more!

Derby Industries

Proven durability, quality craftsmanship, and prompt delivery: These are the traits that set us apart from the rest.  We are the original inventor and patent holder for the sealed seam Corrections / Jail Mattresses with the integrated pillows.  Our products are designed and independently tested to be tough enough to withstand the jail/prison environment, yet safe and comfortable enough to meet your specific needs.  We offer standard and custom-sized mattress products with a variety of both core and cover options.  We are your complete mattress solution.

Also check out our line of health care mattresses, education mattresses, and other products.

Enrichment Strategies

Enrichment Strategies has worked with executives, managers, supervisors, business owners, salespeople to not only improve their professional lives (such as sales, management, growth & innovation, and customer loyalty), but to become better fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, children, friends, and in fact, better individuals. This is accomplished by not just focusing on the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful, but even more importantly, the attitudes and habits where the majority of performance failures, terminations, etc. come from.

Enrichment Strategies provides many services including coaching and development, strategic & business planning, and sales training.

Filter Equipment, Inc.

Filter Equipment - Dust System Design is a specialist that provides air filtration products and services that help business and industry breathe easy.  Filter Equipment Services methods and procedures eliminate air contaminants from visible clouds of weld smoke to invisible fumes, VOCs, and particulate matter.

Our professional dust system design service can help you choose the air filtration products and equipment that precisely fit the needs of your business at a competitive, but very reasonable price.

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle and Save!  Let Filter Equipment help you cut air filtration costs with our filter bag laundry service.

IBD Connection

IBD Connection, Inc. is a consulting firm located in the Midwest of the United States in South Bend, Indiana, providing active advisory and support metal processing & metal forming consulting services to companies that seek to improve or expand their European / North American markets.

European companies contact and work with IBD Connection, Inc. to develop metal processing and metal forming projects in North America. North American Metal Processing and Metal Forming Companies contact and work with IBD Connection Inc. to build and grow their business domestically or to expand into the European market.

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We made the right decision to hire BANG! Web Site Design to build our site. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking a presence on the Internet." - Brian and Gigi - Van’s Hauling & Tractor Work

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